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The God Exists – Scientific Arguments

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Times of India had a front page story today on Pope Francis trying to bridge the gap between science and church  and that made me pen down my thoughts on the subject. I have been firm believer of existence of supreme power, whether you call it The God or not is up to you. And there are scientific reason to believe so.

Atheist believe that humans are the most developed creatures in the universe. Our brains are the most developed. We have the capability to answer any question, the answer might be right or wrong. Even if we don’t know the answer we would have some hypothesis.

With the same curious human brains we have answers to a few difficult questions. The Darwin’s theory explains us how a microscopic animal developed into human with evolution. The Big Bang Theory of Stephen Hawkins explains how the whole universe evolved from a small black hole.

There are a few questions for which far from getting the answers, human brain can’t even propose any hypothesis.

1) Where does the universe end?

Travel at the speed of your mind and try to find out where would this universe end? Whats there at the end of it? Is there some wall? If yes whats beyond it? If there is just space? Where does it end?

The easiest way out is to say its endless. But can you imagine what does that mean? How can something that’s existing be endless? Does it mean you would keep traveling in the space and would never reach an end?

Science would say that it’s ever expanding. If so, how large is it today? And whats there beyond that?

2) Where did it all come from?

The big bang theory says it all came out of a black hole. Where did the black hole come from? What was there before the black hole? How much is the mass of this universe? Again its endless.

3) When did it all start?

With scientific calculations based on number of studies, you may get some finite period of time when the universe was born. But then what was there before it? If it has begun at a finite time, would it end at some finite time?

No human brain can explain the existence of infinity. It’s beyond the scope of human brain but has existence. So why not accept that there is something superior to humans that s existing?

That’s the reason I believe in Supreme Power.

Just believing that The God exists would be analogues to believing in infinity. If you believe in it you ought to have some hypothesis regarding its existence, its shape, size etc. And yes I do have.

If the super power (The God) exists whats its form?

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The next chapter

Why can’t I see The God?

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