Wish you all a healthy and wealthy year ahead

A very happy Dipawali to all of you. I have been writing for a while on various issues. During school days I use to write on a lot of basic science subjects. Growing older, started writing on my understanding about the universe, super power etc. During medical school wrote a few medical hypotheses and a lot of academic original research. For last 3 years have been spending a lot of my time on socio-political movement.

I am just one of the millions of people who might be writing on all these issues, and may be a lot better than me. But then in the era of information, why shouldn’t I do my bit.

Starting my blog from today and its just a coincidence that the first one is coming on occasion of Dipawali. I will try to express my views on various topics here. Will try to write on some health related issues (that being my profession) and will try to be as simple in explaining as possible. Will occasionally write on socio political issues and my understanding about philosophy of life.

Wish you all a very happy dipawali and happy (healthy and wealthy) new year ahead.

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