Health tips for celebrating diwali

Dipawali (Diwali) – the festival of crackers, lighting, shopping, sweets and worshiping goddess Laxmi. A few tips that most of us know of but often overlook would ensure that the celebration remains uninterrupted.


Firing crackers is part
of celebrating Diwali. But lets also keep in mind the air and noise pollution it would cause. If you have an infant in your family, you can easily see how terrorizing it can be for a new born infant. It has similar impact on the pet animals. You would notice a lot of them finding a place to hide.

If you still don’t want to miss this opportunity, try to limit it keeping in mind the air and noise pollution. Be careful while igniting the cracker and don’t leave your kids unsupervised. Don’t forget explaining the kids that they must keep their hands away from the bursting point for cracker. Refrain from the adventures of bursting cracker in your hands. Find a safe place keeping in mind that the cracker might go haywire.

People who have allergic disorders like allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma etc should use a mask. The best home made mask would be a wet handkerchief tied around nose.


Dipawali is the festival of sweets and it tough to resist oneself from having a piece. People suffering from Diabetes or Obesity (overweight) now have an option of going for sugar free sweets. You may just replace sugar with sugar free granules while cooking. Sugar free sweets are also commercially available. You can easily get sugar free chocolates, ice-creams and other sweets from market.


Be it market or residential colony, you would find most of them being illuminated with beautiful lighting. Lets be careful to not leave any wires open or touching any metallic structure.

In spite of all these precautions, accidents do happen. One must having basic first aid item at home. Do keep some anti burn ointment like Burnol at home. People prone to asthmatic attacks should keep Salbutamol Inhalers handy.

At the end I wish you all a very happy and colorful Diwali.

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