Maharashtra Politics – Can Modi afford to cheat people of Maharashtra?

Last year BJP took a high moral ground in Delhi by not going for government formation, though it came out as the single largest party. BJP was short of numbers for forming government in Delhi and refused to explore any further options. Kejriwal effect was at pick those days, everyone wanted to play fair politics. BJP was very careful and didn’t want to take any risk that can have repercussions on upcoming general elections.

A year later BJP again stood out as the single largest party, this time in Maharashtra. Although BJP was again short of more than 20 MLAs, this was celebrated as an unforeseen victory of BJP. This time it was more than happy to form a minority government in Maharashtra with 123 MLAs.

People of Maharastra had a tough time. They were obviously fed up of the Congress NCP alliance and were prepared to wipe it off. The obvious choice they were left with was BJP – Shivsena alliance. But at the eleventh hour, Shiv Sena and BJP parted there ways. Shivsena campaigned against BJP and went to compare it with Afzal Khan trying to encroach upon the legacy of Shivaji Maharaj. BJP campaigned aggressively against Congress NCP alliance. Narendra Modi himself called NCP as Naturally Corrupt Party.

Maharashtra politics has ever been in headlines since then. Immediately after the results were out, people were taken aback with the announcement by NCP of supporting BJP government from outside. Though it was unsolicited and unconditional support, the hidden conditions were obvious.

With the ongoing ego tussle between Uddhav Thakare and Narendra Modi, the age-old alliance partners could not reach to an understanding. Shiv Sena has now declared to occupy opposition bench in Maharashtra Assembly. NCP too has toughened its stand, latest being not to vote in if no confidence motion is called for.

So now BJP government in Maharashtra is at the mercy of NCP. People of Maharashtra gave a mandate against Congress NCP alliance and the first thing that they expect from the government is to act against the NCP leaders who are involved in number of scams. Would BJP government in Maharashtra act against NCP leaders? Off course not. Scamsters would again be left off.

People of India are much more politically aware as reflected from the recent trends. They would surely not BJP let go this time. BJP will find it really tough in the upcoming assembly elections in 3 states. It would detrimental if BJP continues to remain in the delusion of Modi wave. Though BJP has been trying encash in the name of Modi Sarakar even in assembly elections, people have seen the Modi Sarakar in last 6 months. They have already been cheated on number of issues like Black Money, Robert Vadra, Decriminalization of politics.

Its high time that BJP comes out of this euphoria and starts respecting aspirations of people. People of India are looking for the real alternative not the same political rhetoric with a new label.

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