Kiran Bedi Joins BJP - Motive?Politics 

Kiran Bedi Joins BJP – Decoding the motive behind

Kiran Bedi Joins BJP - Motive?
Kiran Bedi at Jaipur during Anna Movement

Finally Kiran Bedi made her début in active politics by joining BJP. It’s a really tough decision to take for someone like her who has been non-political throughout life. The process of this transition is not as smooth as perceived by the spectators. I have myself been through it in 2012. Then I have been closely associated with number of people who went through this transition. In early 2014 I personally approached around 50 such social activists and appealed them to contest General Elections from Rajasthan. We did succeed in getting in people like Dr Virendra Singh, Dr Narendra Gupta, Dr Virednra Vidrohi, Dr Velaram Meena and a few more, though for each of them it was tough decision. There were a few like Kavita Shrivastav, Nikhil Dey, Hindusingh Soda who though supported us did not join politics in spite our best efforts. Such people take this decision in extra ordinary situation only if they are strongly convinced that its in the interest of society.

Now when Kiran Bedi took this decision it should have made me happy because that’s one of the objective alternative politics – encourage good people to join politics. I have been wondering why her decision did not make me happy. Reason for my disappointment surely cant be some petty politics.

So was her decision in the interest of society? Under what extraordinary circumstances did she make this decision? What could be the motive behind she joining politics at this time.

What could her motive be?

1) Cleaning up of the politics?

Politics is largely dominated by muscle and money power. Election are fought on religion and cast. 2012 was the year when a new party was launched with an objective change political discourse of this country. If this was the motive she should have been a part of Aam Aadmi Party. But she decided to remain apolitical at that juncture. Moreover it would be ridiculous to believe that one would have this motive while joining a party with around 1/3rd MPs and ministers with criminal background.

2) Congress free India

This could be the main motive as she joined BJP which is the arch rival of congress. Also she joined IAC that was a movement largely focused against rampant corruption during congress rule. But then if this was true the best time to enter in was Delhi elections 2013, which was fought against 15 years of congress rule in Delhi. She even had the best opportunity having received an open invitation by Arvind Kejriwal to be CM candidate of AAP.

3) Personal support to Narendra Modi but not BJP

Kiran Bedi has been fond of Narendra Modi and has been often seen praising each of his moves. But then if this was the motive, Mr Modi needed her the most during General Elections 2014. That was toughest time for him. Kiran Bedi could have campaigned for him or could have contested the elections as a LS candidate. She didn’t do it.

4) Support for BJP

That’s again one of the posible motives. IAC movement has been the lifesaver for BJP, which failed pathetically to act as a strong opposition during UPA rule. But again BJP needed her the most during General Elections. She could have joined BJP during the other assembly elections that BJP has contested. Moreover she has strongly raised her voice against the extreme right wing ideology of BJP. She has blamed both congress and BJP of using black money for campaign and have opined that both the parties are not worth voting for.

5) Personal animosity against Kejriwal

That’s a possibility. Since the time IAC got transformed to AAP, she has been often criticizing Kejriwal. Though she has never questioned his integrity, she had a problem with the style of Kejriwal. But would a lady of her stature take such a decision just for some personal animosity?

Extra-ordinary situation

Off course it is an extraordinary situation. Aam Aadmi Party which is the last hope India has for permanently changing political discourse of this country is fighting a crucial election. If AAP wins this election, it would be a beginning of new era. Those who disagree with me may refresh their memory by reading the series of articles वो 49 दिन.

But then there were even better opportunities. Aug 2012 was the turning point. General elections 2014 have been an extraordinary too.

In the interest of society

It would have been in the interest of society if she had joined politics on any of the other occasions listed above. She joining at this crucial juncture and that too under the banner of BJP surely raises questions? This move of Kiran Bedi might sound good only to those who are convinced that Kejriwal is corrupt, criminal or a threat to Indian Democracy. I believe its on the contrary and Kejriwal is the only hope today.


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